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Preserve What Matters

Sub-Zero ensures food’s goodness will stand the test of time, as will the beauty and performance of your kitchen. Built and tested to the highest standards, Sub-Zero is more than just refrigeration. It is a complete food preservation system, not just a “keep food cold” system, with almost 70 years of innovative thinking behind it. As long as there is Sub-Zero, food will have a delicious future.


    • Widest selection of any brand–widths and configurations, in stainless or with custom cabinet panels and hardware.
    • How much is 500 pounds of food worth? That’s how much the average household throws out every year. Sub-Zero significantly reduces food waste by using dual refrigeration technology.
    • Engineered to last through 20-plus years of the heaviest use and tested to prove it.
    • Energy efficient–our largest model consumes less energy than a 100-watt light bulb.
    • Built in the USA with only premium-quality materials.

Predict Delicious

Enjoy a lifetime of adventurous, more satisfying cooking. Wolf distills legendary professional heritage, power and finesse into cooking equipment whose precise control ensures the dish you have in mind will be the dish you bring to the table.

    • Infrared technology that powers the 18,000 Btu charbroiler and griddle, with fast preheats, superior heat distribution and fast temperature recovery when food is placed on the surface.
    • Unparalleled temperature control with a unique dual stacked burner that delivers 15,000 Btu of heat and scorch-free low-flame control with True Simmer.
    • Dual convection ovens, a Wolf innovation, eliminate hot and cool spots for more consistency.
    • Built in the USA with only premium-quality materials.
    • Engineered to last through 20-plus years of the heaviest use and tested to prove it.
    • Wolf cooktops, ranges, outdoor grills and ventilation have received 17 number one ratings in Builder magazine in the last eight years.

Clean with Confidence

After years of extensive research and testing, Cove dishwashers joins the Sub-Zero and Wolf specialist kitchen with manufacturing proven to last for over 20 years of rigorous daily use. Built with the same DNA of Sub-Zero and Wolf, Cove is the perfect complement to any kitchen.

    • From completely flexible interiors to near-silent operation, Cove was reengineered, from the ground up, to ensure spotlessly clean and dry dishes with every load, every time.
    • The dishwasher may be your hardest-working appliance, so it should be the most durable. Cove appliances are made in the USA with premium-grade materials and include a five-year warranty.
    • Custom handles. Custom cabinetry. Custom interior configurations. Cove is your flexible partner that never competes with the style of a room or the lifestyle of its owner.
    • With water nozzles strategically placed throughout the dishwasher, dishes get their cleanest. No pre-washing, re-washing, or spot-polishing needed.
    • Pre-programmed and custom wash and dry modes and three separate spray arms expertly clean every dish from fine china to heavy-duty pans.

On Air. Since 1955.

Located in Fabriano, Italy, Faber has been producing high quality range hoods for over 50 years. Faber products exemplify a rich heritage and commitment to technology, quality and design.

  • It has been researched that approximately 1 gallon of grease per year is produced in cooking by-products. If not properly exhausted out of your kitchen, the grease can stick to cabinetry and reduce the life of your cabinets. You’ve made a significant investment in your kitchen; protect that investment with a Faber range hood.
    • There is a Faber range hood that will look perfect in any kitchen, from traditional to contemporary to professional. Every Faber hood is designed by industrial artists in Italy to appeal to customers who demand high quality, designer appliances that are also functional.

Ice the World Demands

When it comes to luxury, the unexpected details make all the difference. Your favorite drink is no exception. No matter what drink you prefer, one thing can make it better: Scotsman ice, the ideal ingredient. What’s the ideal ice for you? You’ll find it here.


The Brilliance® Nugget Ice Machine from Scotsman delivers the same nugget ice introduced to the foodservice industry in 1981. A craving for the soft, crunchy goodness of this ice can now be satisfied at home and enjoyed by family and friends.

    • Soft, compacted ice in classic nugget form.
    • Easy to chew, fun to crunch, absorbs flavor of beverages, cools beverages quickly.
    • Perfect for soft or blended drinks, smoothies, food displays and everyday

The Brilliance® Gourmet Cuber from Scotsman produces ice that’s crystal-clear, taste-free and odorless. The unique shape prevents clumping and allows the cubes to melt slower, which means drinks stay truer to their original flavor.

    • Hard, crystal-clear ice with a distinctive form.
    • Melts slower. Won’t dilute the drink as fast.
    • Perfect for premium, mixed drinks, or for elevating any beverage occasion into something special.

Performance that inspires

Italy has long been an inspiration for artists, and BEST® engineers are equally passionate, finding product influence in every aspect of Italian culture. The entire line of BEST® range hoods is emotion made tangible, and art made functional in any space it calls home.

  • Unique in shape and design, these range hoods enable you to express your individuality with a twist on the traditional, or with truly one-of-a-kind styles. What could you create? Just let your imagination run free and design the gathering space of your dreams where you can cultivate your culinary aspirations.
  • With power for every need and style for any setting, Best range hoods function as beautifully as they appear. Whether you’re a casual cook or consummate chef, these ventilation hoods give life to inspired cooking.