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Truffle Fries

Makes: 4 servings


● 3 lb. fryer oil
● 2 ½# rendered beef fat
● 4# Idaho russet potatoes
● 1 bottle truffle oil (preferably white truffle oil)
● 7 oz fresh ground Parmigiano-Reggiano
● Chives
● Fine salt


Combine fryer oil and rendered beef fat. Heat fryer to 275 degrees F. Cut potatoes on fry cutter with 3/8″ blade and place in water. Remove potatoes from water; shake off excess water, and dry. Blanch potatoes in oil. Cool blanched potatoes on sheet pans. Potatoes may be refrigerated until service. Raise fryer heat to 350 degrees F. Drop 2 handfuls fries at a time into 350 degree F oil. Fry until golden brown. Lift fry basket, and let excess oil drain. Place fries into a large mixing bowl. Spritz with truffle oil; sprinkle with
fine salt, chives, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Remove from mixing bowl, and place in parchment in service vessel.