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Grilled Pineapple with Malibu Rum Caramel Drizzle and Toasted Coconut

The Charbroiler is great for quick-grilling fruits, vegetables and breads.
Things to know: The charbroiler requires adequate ventilation
and is not recommended for island installation.

Serves 4 as a dessert


• 1 whole pineapple, cut into quarters lengthwise, greenery left intact
Canola oil, for brushing
• Malibu Rum Caramel Drizzle, recipe follows
• ¼ cup unsweetened coconut flakes, toasted*
• Vanilla or coconut ice cream, if desired


Allow 10-15 minutes for the charbroiler to reach a medium to high temperature. Brush both sides of each quarter of pineapple with canola oil. Grill, turning ¼ turn after about 1-1 ½ minutes, to create a diamond pattern. Repeat on the other side.
Once cool enough to handle, use a thin flexible knife to follow the shape of the pineapple to remove the flesh from the skin. Cut each piece into 5-6 slices and return to pineapple shell.

*To toast coconut: Heat a skillet over medium heat. Add the coconut and toast until lightly golden brown.

To serve: Drizzle each piece of pineapple with Malibu Rum Caramel Drizzle and scatter toasted coconut over top. Serve with vanilla or coconut ice cream if desired. (Tip: Grill extra pineapple to add to salads, rice dishes or yogurt at another meal.)


• ¾ cup brown sugar
• ½ cup dark corn syrup
• 2 tablespoons butter
• ½ cup heavy cream
• ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
• 1 tablespoon Malibu rum


Combine brown sugar, corn syrup and butter in a 1-quart saucepan.  Stirring frequently, bring to a full boil over medium heat and boil 1 minute. Remove from heat; immediately stir in cream, sea salt, vanilla extract and Malibu rum.  Refrigerate leftovers.

Optional variations:
Bourbon:  Add 1 tablespoon bourbon to brown sugar, corn syrup and butter mixture and follow recipe.
Cinnamon:  Add 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon with cream, sea salt and vanilla.  Mix well.
Praline:  Add 1/2 cup chopped, toasted pecans with cream, sea salt and vanilla.